It’s all about the shoes

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In January, when I started running again properly in an oh so stereotypical January bout of fitness, I found that my ankles and shins were hurting after every run. I mulled it over for a couple of weeks and then decided to investigate getting a new pair of running shoes. Best decision ever!

The only running shop we have in York that’s not affiliated with a gym is Up and Running, a really small running shop on Walmgate. I’d ventured in a couple of times, but hadn’t bought any shoes there before. Whilst talking with the assistant, I confessed that I hadn’t bought any new running shoes in over 12 years and the pair I currently had had clocked up a fair few miles in that time. He confirmed that yes, that probably was the problem, and kitted me out with a new pair.

It was an experience I actually enjoyed. Although I felt a bit self conscious running in front of people in the shop, there was a little camera on the treadmill so the assistant could see how I was running in my current shoes and where they were failing me. I then tried on what felt like the whole shop in a quest to find a pair that were right for me. The idea of gait analysis seems to be quite controversial, with some people arguing that it’s just a ploy by the shoe companies to make them seem more professional and so that they can justify the money they charge for a pair of shoes that are ‘tailored to you’. To be honest, I don’t care. I left the shop with a pair of shoes that were comfortable in January and 68 runs later they’re still comfortable. That’s all that matters to me.


In the end I settled on a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspired shoes in an oh so fetching purple colour. I actually really like them. They’re so much more springy than the old ones and a far more beautiful colour.

The only thing I don’t like about them is the £110 price tag. Having said that, it has been worth it on a cost per wear basis. I’m not sure these will last a further 12 years, but even if they last 3, on a 3 wears per week basis that’s only 24p a wear. I would definitely pay 24p to go for a run without those aches and pains.

Happy running.

Around the Corner Fitness.



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