Meal Planning


Chez Rose has always been a bit hectic. Both Mr Rose and I have always been workaholics and working often took priority above eating healthily. It was all too easy to have a pizza in the evening that would take 10 minutes to cook, rather than take the time out of our schedules to cook properly. Then baby Rose came along at the end of 2014 and we were far too knackered to cook anything! All we wanted to do after baby Rose had gone to sleep was collapse into a heap and as long as our stomachs were full we didn’t really have the energy to care what filled them.

However, since baby Rose is a bit older and sleeping A LOT better, we’ve shifted our priorities and I now spend far more time cooking meals from scratch. Of course this has helped us both lose weight, but more importantly it’s helped me feel healthier and have far more energy to run around looking after a toddler!

Now the schedule of a hectic lifestyle hasn’t really gone away. Yes, I work fewer hours than I did previously, but also do some freelance work and have a very active toddler to keep me busy. The way we’ve been able to keep on top of eating meals cooked from scratch every night and to eat healthier is through meal planning (that sounds like too fancy a term for what it actually is, which is just planning in advance what you’re going to eat).

On Sunday evening I sit down and plan out what we’re going to have for the week. I have all my healthy/clean eating recipes saved on my Pinterest board and that makes it much easier to decide what to have. Occasionally, when I get bored of the same ones, I’ll branch out and try a few from a recipe book. The latest Deliciously Ella has been a great source of recipes recently (mushroom risotto with basil cream blog post here) and I always come back to the old favourite WeightWatchers ones seasonally for some fresh ideas. When I’ve found the seven recipes that we want over the course of the week, I’ll then plan out which evenings we’ll have them on. This is important to us because I work in the evenings quite frequently so on those nights I plan dinners that are less preparation for Mr Rose and take a shorter time to cook so we’re not eating too late. By the time it’s all planned out it looks something like this:


I couldn’t resist buying the stickers to accompany the meal planning. What can I say? I’m a very visual person!


When I’ve planned out what we’re going to have on each day, that’s when I’ll do the food shop. I always do the food shopping online on a Sunday evening and have it delivered on Monday evening. I remember when delivery food shopping first came about and how I sneered at the people too lazy to go to the shop. I’m now eating my words! It’s so convenient to have everything brought to the door and baby Rose loves unpacking everything and taking each item one by one into the kitchen. When it’s all unpacked I then have a look at the sell-by-dates on the packaging and see what needs freezing for later on in the week.

And then it’s done. I don’t have to think about it until next Sunday. It’s really handy to have a look in the morning and see what needs prepping or taking out the freezer for that night’s tea and it takes the thinking about it out of the equation when you’re shattered at the end of the day.

I know it’s not for everyone; I’m sure most people would think this is overkill, but it’s slotted into our lives, become a habit and made eating healthily and staying on track much easier.

The next thing to conquer for me is lunches. We have the same thing for breakfast every day, dinners are meticulously planned out but lunches stray into falling off the wagon territory. Any suggestions are more than welcome.
Happy healthy cooking.

Around the Corner Fitness.



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