Birch Water – Hit or Miss?


Today I bought a bottle of water. Nothing unusual in that, I do it quite regularly – every other day maybe. However, today’s bottle of water cost me £2.65 for 250ml. Much more pricey than a bottle of Buxton! I’ve been hearing about birch water for a while now; it seems to have overtaken chia seeds as the ‘next big fitness thing’. Some of these food crazes I can see the benefit of (avocado anyone?), but this one I wasn’t convinced by. Now I’m no expert in nutrition, but even I know that water is supposed to be really good for us; it has no calories and makes our hair, skin and nails look like a supermodel’s (supposedly). So, how can someone have improved a zero calorie, good-for-you drink?

One day, when I was fourteen, I practically ran all the way to school dying to tell my friends about a new craze in water that I’d seen on breakfast television that morning. Someone would come to your house and install a ‘diet water’ tap and when you drank this miracle water it would make you lose weight. My friends very quickly pointed out to me that it was April the 1st and this had in fact been a GMTV April Fools (they still bring the story up quite regularly and I’ve been mocked for it since). So, perhaps understandably, I’m quite wary of any water that claims to be better than, well…water.


The label made for interesting reading. Apparently, this bottle of water isn’t water at all; it’s birch tree sap.  I also like how the label claims that birch water contains 4 times less sugar than coconut water – but surely not less sugar than water, which contains no sugar at all! I know a little about how birch tree sap is collected, so I can sort of understand the hefty price tag and expected all that painstaking collection to produce a flavour that was out of this world.

I was disappointed. Having purchased what felt like the world’s most expensive water, I couldn’t wait until I got home to experience its surely wonderful flavour. I stood outside the shop, opened it and poured a big glug into my mouth. The look on my face must have been priceless, because it was not great. I wouldn’t even go so far as to say it was good. I don’t think I’d even go so far as to say it was nice. It does indeed taste ‘clean’ as the packaging promised. I know it sounds bizarre, but it feels very light in your mouth. I actually think I’d quite like it if it wasn’t for the weird sweet, melony, off-tasting aftertaste that you’re left with. I wanted to have a drink of water to get rid of the taste of my drink of ‘water’.

I think it’s definitely a flavour that can grow on you, but at £2.65 for 250ml I’m not going to try to like it. I thought I was fairly middle class for having Evian as my bottled water of choice! I’d glad I tried it; I was curious after seeing so much about it in the media, but I’m not going to try it again.

This one is a miss!

Around the Corner Fitness.


2 thoughts on “Birch Water – Hit or Miss?

  1. Sableyes says:

    There is a brand of Skinny Water that’s meant to make your body think it’s eaten when you have just drunk a drink. I know a few people that used it and they never lost weight drinking it.


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