June Update


When I started blogging as Around the Corner Fitness last month I thought my main focus was going to be on weight-loss and that I’d blog recipes and about my journey to qualifying as a personal trainer and use it as a place to keep track of my running training. However, the end of May and the beginning of June turned out to be very different than originally planned and consequently this has become a place for recipes rather than a place of fitness for the time being.

To cut a long story short, I’ve had to have an operation and that means I won’t be able to train for another couple of weeks. I’ve had to put my Level 2 fitness training practical on hold and haven’t been for a run in over a week and a half now. I’m beginning to go a little stir crazy; I’m not the the of person that can sit still on the sofa and recuperate for a couple of weeks. I want to go for a run and I think that in itself is a good sign. If somebody had asked me a year ago what I wanted to do, the answer sure as hell wouldn’t have been go train for a 10K! The fact that I enjoy being healthy and exercising is a really positive step for me. There’s a goal in mind for all this wanting to exercise – Mr Rose and I have entered the York 10K. He’s already started training and I am massively behind. Even though I know I won’t be able to train properly and achieve the time I’d really like, I’m confident I’ll be able to get round. My last time for York 10K was 1hr and 20 minutes and I’m fairly sure I can at least match it (I know this isn’t a great time, but it’s what I could do then).

In other news this month I’ve passed my Level 2 fitness training theory. The exam was MUCH harder than all the mock exams and tests in class, but I did manage to scrape through. After the practical side is done I’ll be fully qualified to instruct in a gym and take circuit classes. This isn’t what I want to do, but it means I’m one step closer. I’ve also applied for some funding to start a running club and exercise classes locally and should hear about how that went early July time. The next step is moving on to the Level 3 personal training course which starts at the end of the month.

Baby steps.

Around the Corner Fitness.



2 thoughts on “June Update

  1. bwfitness91 says:

    It’s great that you have requested funding for the running club, what specifically do you intend to do with it if you receive it? I’m from the York area too, try not to get down about your op, its only a temporary obstacle 🙂


    • aroundthecornerfitness says:

      I’m wanting to do a very beginners running club round my local area. Like a couch to 5k style plan. There’s quite a few new mums round our area and I think it’d be a good way of meeting our neighbours too. There’s a bit of community funding going our local way’s area at the moment but we’ll see 🙂


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