So imagine my excitement when the other day I came home to this:


I’m a MASSIVE fan of PROPERCORN’s Sweet Vanilla and Coconut popcorn (as you can read about here) so I was so excited when I opened it up to see lots more flavours for me to try. Before trying the Sweet Vanilla and Coconut I’d never really been a fan of popcorn. I’ve never had a hankering for popcorn at the cinema and always choose pick and mix as my top snacking choice. In fact the only popcorn I’ve ever liked is the Butterkist toffee popcorn which is heart-attackingly bad for you (and probably why I like it!).


Of course now I have all this popcorn it would be rude of me not to eat it all. Here’s what I think:


Sour Cream and Black Pepper

I chose this one first because I love sour cream crisps and thought that this would be the same. It was similar but it definitely had a spicy peppery aftertaste to it. After I’d finished the packet I was reaching for my pint of water. Having said that, I’ve recently chosen to go up to ‘Lemon and Herb’ from ‘Plain’ at Nandos, so perhaps my spiciness levels aren’t representative of the rest of the population!
Definitely a hit. I’m not sharing.



Sweet and Salty

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from this. I think I thought that some bits would be sweet and some would be salty, but it wasn’t like that at all. Every piece was beautifully sweet AND salty. Weird, but bloody delicious. I’ve just finished the packet and already I want some more. (additional note: I’ve now eaten 3 packets and I can’t stop! Someone please take them away.)
Verdict: I hadn’t tried this before, but I’ll definitely be trying this again.


Lightly Sea Salted
I wasn’t a big fan of these, although they went down well with the girls at work. They were too salty for me and caused a dry mouth, dry tongue issue that I couldn’t shake for a few hours. I think it might be that I prefer sweet things to salty things in general.
Verdict: I won’t be reaching for these again in a hurry.




Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun-Dried Tomato

This was a surprise hit with the girls at work. They likened the flavour to ‘those Walkers’ purple packet crisps’. I wasn’t expecting to like these, and I’m not sure I could eat a whole packet, but I thoroughly enjoyed the taste I had. They weren’t as spicy as I was expecting either – perhaps those hotter Nandos have paid off!
Verdict: Surprisingly yummy but definitely a packet to share.


DSC00456 (1)

Smooth Peanut & Almond
These didn’t taste of almond, but were very peanutty. In the office they were compared to those ‘continental peanut crisps’ if that means anything to anyone. The packets that I took into work were lapped up with slightly orgasmic noises coming from those tasting it.
Verdict: If you like the taste of peanut, you’re going to love it.


The girls at work have numerous allergies and it makes it quite difficult to bring in a sharing snack that’s suitable for everyone. This popcorn fitted the bill perfectly as it’s gluten and wheat free and suitable for vegans too. Healthy and yummy – what more could you ask for?

Having eaten a whole box (not by myself I hasten to add) my bond with popcorn has strengthened immeasurably. After the sweet coconut and vanilla fail  I still don’t think I’ll be able to recreate any as good as the PROPERCORN ones, but I remain on a mission to try. I think I could manage the sweet and salty ones. How hard could it be?! …
Happy healthy cooking (and nibbling)

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