Exercise Weekly Challenge


As a kick-up-the-backside back into exercise post-op, I thought I would challenge myself to do some form of exercise every day this week. I’ve been pushing my running up to three times a week, but wanted to make sure I was doing something on the other days too. Keeping a diary has been the most effective form of tracking what I’m eating, so I thought that I’d do the same with exercising in the hope that writing it down and being accountable would be another push to do some.

Here’s how I got on this week:

Monday – a 5.65 Km run by myself. I went after I finished work at 2:25pm and it was hot and quite humid. This was a steady run with some short fast intervals at the end from my RunKeeper sub 65min 10K plan. I was pleased that I managed to get round but when I got home and looked at the splits my ‘fast’ intervals were at times slower than my ‘slow’ running speed!


Tuesday – I forced myself to go for a swim. It got to 8pm and I hadn’t done any exercise that day. I was so tempted to just fall asleep on the sofa but I roped in my running buddy Hannah to come swimming. We swam breaststroke for around 50 minutes and then lizarded it out in the sauna and steam room for a while afterwards. Not a hard core exercise session, but some is better than none.

Wednesday – a longer run of 7.57Km with my running buddy Hannah. We went after work and although it was humid, it felt cooler than Monday’s run. We went a route that we hadn’t been on before and didn’t realise that it included a long slow incline. I’ve pulled my hamstring a tad so am going to have to do some stretching tomorrow to balance it out. I’m hoping it’s going to be ok for Friday’s morning run.


Thursday – My hamstring is still feeling a bit tight today so I did a 30 minute walk to try to stretch it out. I needed to go to the library to return a book and thought that I might as well make the most of the (slight) evening sunshine. The walk was just what I needed after a not so good day at work and it put me in a more positive mood for the rest of the evening.

Friday – Today I made plans to exercise twice. The amount I managed to exercise was zero. I planned to get up and go for a run with my running buddy Hannah at 6:10am but then when I woke up it was hammering it down so we gave it a miss. Then I was supposed to be tutoring at 7pm but I got a text from the client cancelling at 7:05pm. Had she not have been coming I would have made plans to go for a swimming session or short run, but my plans falling through have scuppered everything. I also cancelled going on my work summer social because of this client. Needless to say I’m cross!

Saturday – Today it was one of the weekends for my personal training course. I cycled there and back which was about 40 minutes in total. Whilst I was on the course we did some CV interval training practise and some agility and power based exercises. I don’t know how much exercise I did in total exactly but it felt like at least an hour.

Sunday – I was on the personal training course again today. I cycled there and back again and today we focused on resistance training. I did a lot of leg work and chest work practising pyramid sets, super sets and giant sets. We also did some core work in the studio. My brain and body are shattered from all the thinking and lifting!

Overall, I’m pleased I’ve managed to do some exercise on all bar one day but I would have liked to put another run in. I’m aiming to do 3 a week so I’m annoyed with myself that it didn’t happen. It’s definitely a target for the upcoming week. 

What are you going to do this week to challenge yourself? It doesn’t have to be something massive; small changes are the best because they’re sustainable. Let me know how you get on and if you have any ideas of what fitness things I can try out please let me know. I’m always looking for something new (at the moment I’m trying to persuade my work colleagues that they want to come to a trampoline rave with me).

Happy healthy living.

Around the Corner Fitness.


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