New Gym Wear

With all the extra time I’ve been spending in the gym I felt that some new gym wear was justified. Originally I started off with 3 pairs of leggings that were going to be rotated around. I bought 2 pairs from New Look and 1 pair from TK MAXX that were an American brand with a rather funky pattern. Unfortunately, one of the New Look pairs and the TK MAXX pair fell down all the time whilst I was running. Perhaps I just have an overly large tummy or am weirdly proportioned, but I’d find myself doing a comedy half run, half hike up the leggings hop down the street, which was doing nothing to help improve my running time. Those pairs were resigned to the charity pile and the hunt for more comfortable and practical leggings resumed. It was needed. Recycling the same pair of leggings for 2 months is not pretty!

On a trip to London for my birthday earlier this year I made the mistake of wandering into Lululemon, the most gorgeous fitness shop. Unfortunately most of the things were out of my price range but I picked up a wonderful pair of ‘Toasty Tech Tights’ that kept me warm through the Northern winter runs perfectly. (I’m thinking of doing a separate post on these if anyone is interested).

When I was chatting to one of the PT girls about my leggings woes she suggested having a look at Sara da Silva Brazilian Fitness Wear online. Sara is a Brazilian body builder that has created her own small business making leggings and gym wear from really bright material. I had a browse on her website and her Facebook page and I knew instantly I had to get my hands on a pair. From the pictures that other people had posted, the leggings looked so bright and Sara’s promise of them being high-waisted and squat proof was a lure too much. I purchased two pairs (I hope Mr Rose isn’t reading this).


The first pair I ordered were the ‘Ace Ace Baby’ leggings and OH MY GOODNESS.When I unwrapped them I actually did a little squeal of excitement. They are the brightest thing I think I will ever own and although squeezing into them felt a bit like how I imagine sausage meat feels when it’s being shoved into its plastic wrapping, they are comfortable.


I agree with one of the reviewers on the website who says that the waist band is quite tight; they’re a legging I want to take off rather than lounge around the house in, but they’ve been perfect for going for a run. No hopping around or pulling them up. The only slight downside is that they’re hand wash only (who does that?!) but I’ve been advised by people who have bought them before that they’re fine in the machine on a hand wash and cold wash setting (Update: I washed them last night on a 20ºc hand wash and they’re fine). I’d definitely recommend them and repurchase.


The second pair I’ve ordered are the black ‘High Fashion’ leggings (which makes me laugh – there’s nothing high fashion about me!). These were out of stock when I ordered so they’ll take 7-10 days to arrive. I’ll put some pictures up when they come through. If they’re as good as the first pair I’ll love them.

Is there anywhere else I should consider shopping for gym wear that isn’t too expensive but isn’t so cheap it’s see-through? I’m in need of some tops now. Any suggestions welcome.

Happy healthy mind and body.

Around the Corner Fitness.


6 thoughts on “New Gym Wear

  1. Sara Da Silva says:

    Thank you for the lovely review 🙂 Glad to hear they didnt move when you were running… The waist band is a new feature of the leggings. I have been listening the feedbacks and have already improved the waist for the next ones 🙂

    Thank you xxx
    Ps: Your High Fashion was posted today 🙂


  2. Laila says:

    You could also try Tikiboo their leggings are amazing and totally non see through. I get all mine from there and have about 12 pairs.


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