July Update

This month things have been much more back on track. I’ve passed all of my level 2 qualifications and can now say (with a tinge of pride) that I am a qualified Fitness Instructor and Circuit Trainer. I managed to do my level 2 practical only a couple of weeks after my operation and doing it with my mother-in-law was amusing to say the least. She hasn’t been near a gym in about a decade and I couldn’t move my arm very much – the blind leading the blind. Nevertheless we made it through and, despite thinking it was going to be scary, it actually worked out really well. I’ve now started the Personal Training Level 3 course and am two weekends down. We have a break over August to plan the sessions for our ‘body’ and to presumably learn the three-billion muscles we need to learn to pass the A&P exam! I need to get my head in the books a bit more. I don’t know why whoever named all the muscles did so in Latin and made them all sound the same *she says with only a twinge of sarcasm*.

Running has been going much better this month too. I’m well into the training for the 10k which is on August the 7th. I think I’ll make it round in about 1hr 10mins, which I know isn’t a very fast time but it’s a good chunk off my first time and considering the training I’ve been doing has been a little bit interrupted, I’ll be happy with it. I’m also considering doing the Castle Howard triathlon next summer. My Facebook feed has been rammed full of all my friends that have completed it last weekend and I found myself being a little bit jealous. After having been for a couple of swims I’ve now got my sights set on it. It needs a little more research (and I’d need to get hold of a bike) but it’s eminently do-able.

It’s the summer holidays now and I’ve bitten the bullet and bought myself a gym membership for the summer. It was eye-watering when I saw the price, but I’m thinking of it as a ‘cost per wear’ basis. I’m planning to go to Treadfast classes on Tuesdays and swimming (and sauna) at least once a week on the evening. If I go swimming with baby Rose on one day too then I’ve definitely made my money back. There was an interesting sign on the door of the women’s changing rooms about a Barre class that I want to check out too and I always say about doing some pilates related in the summer holidays. I’m going to force myself to go at least every other day to make it worth while (see myself trying to justify it here). I’m also thinking it’s going to be a good habit to get into if the triathlon thing really does take off.

I’ve not heard back about the funding, but hey-ho. The running club will get set up eventually and I want to get something in the pipeline for launching ‘Around the Corner Fitness’ personal training hampers for Christmas time.
We’ve moved up to toddler steps 🙂

Around the Corner Fitness


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