My initial fitness goal is up tomorrow; I will have squeezed myself into a dress for my brother’s wedding, no spanx required. Admittedly there was a choice of two dresses and I went for the slightly more forgiving and less slutty one, but even still – mission accomplished. The photos are still coming in, but when I find a more suitable one I’ll put one in.

Now thoughts turn to what is next. I’ve done the York 10k this year and have been consistently going to Treadfast classes, which incidentally I now completely LOVE (I’m going to really struggle to give up my gym membership in September). Surprisingly my favourite part of the PT course so far has been the nutrition side of things so I think something along this line is going to be my next goal along with the triathlon that I’m interested in.

Seeing as writing things down seems to be the best way to make me actually do things, here’s the list:

  • Start swimming consistently at least once a week. I’ve already made head-road into this insofar as I’ve bought a pair of goggles. I’ve had one ‘proper’ swim since my big purchase and alternated 2 lengths of breaststroke with 2 lengths of freestyle (or front-crawl as my mum calls it). I got to about 21 lengths and then I lost count. One of my next swimming purchases will be a length counter. I’m also finding I’m getting a big bored. I think I’m going to add an underwater MP3 player to my Christmas list.
  • Run twice a week. I’ve managed to go consistently once a week in the summer and I know that that isn’t enough to keep where I want to be. Now that my running buddy is back from her exotic travels I’m sure it’ll be easier.
  • Track my eating again. It’s been too easy to let it go in the summer without having a strict timescale to stick to. We’ve also been on holiday and baby Rose and I have consumed our body weight in ice-cream on the hot days. I’m trying to not beat myself up about this, but just focus on the next step. Seeing as I’ve enjoyed the nutrition side of the PT course I’m going to track what I’m eating and start tracking macros. I’ve not done this before so it’ll be an adventure into the unknown.
  • Try a wider variety of recipes. I’ve got stuck in the same 8 or so again. I need to have a flick through the recipe books to add in some extra ones.

I don’t want to split my attention between too many things, so that might have to do for now. Nevertheless, these four are achievable. We’ll see where we are with them in a month or two.


Happy healthy thinking.

Around the Corner Fitness.


Motivation Pt.2



As we were going to bed the other night Mr Rose said to me, “Why did you want to lose weight?”. To me this was a bit of a daft question. I was fat; I didn’t want to be fat anymore.

Mr Rose then probed deeper, “But why didn’t you want to be fat?” Again, this was a bit of a daft question to me. I wanted to feel less self-conscious in my clothes, I wanted to feel comfortable with people taking photographs of me and not like I wanted to run away (or be the one taking the photo as I so often was before) and I didn’t want to be the biggest one in my friendship group. Also, clothes in high-street shops are designed for skinny-minnies. That was the point when I realised that all of my answers were appearance related. Am I that shallow?

Mr Rose wasn’t impressed with this. These things aren’t as important to him. I wonder whether losing weight for appearance related reasons is mostly a female thing (or whether that’s horrendously sexist).

I’m not totally shallow. Yes I wanted to lose weight to look better, but I also wanted to lose weight to feel better too. I have more energy when I’m consuming less sugar and I love the buzz I get post-run. This was more appealing to Mr Rose, who is going to track energy as a way of motivating himself to eat well.

Thinking about my reasons for wanting to lose weight has also given me a bit of a kick up the backside as well. Just keep swimming…
Happy healthy thinking.

Around the Corner Fitness.

I had a disaster!

So I thought I could adapt one of my favourite recipes for the Thermomix. I thought I could manage to do this by myself, just sort of making it up as I went along. I could not. By the end of the evening our dinner looked like someone had vomited it back up and I was sent out to go get us fish & chips – a double disaster because it knocked the diet out of whack and cost me £12. When did fish & chips become so expensive?!


In a bit of an ‘oh I haven’t used the Thermomix much and I’ve paid so much money for it’ panic, I decided to have a go at the one pot spicy pasta dish but adapt the instructions so it would be suitable. It started off well; it managed to cook the onions and the chicken.


The problem came when I had to add all the other ingredients in, particularly the pasta. I put the blades on the reverse setting but it still seemed to mush everything together.  We ended up with chicken soup rather than a solid dinner!


It smelt really nice at least; our entire house smelt of roast dinner (I still have no idea why). Don’t get my wrong, I enjoyed the fish & chips very much, but it was a little frustrating.

I think the baking side of the Thermomix is a lot easier than the cooking side. Back to the drawing (and Pinterest) boards to gather some, more suitable, ideas.

Happy healthy cooking.

Around the Corner Fitness.

First Attempt at Pitta Bread


I had a tiny slither of time yesterday so decided to make pitta bread. It was a poor decision; lots of rushing around was done and a trip to B&Q to get storage boxes was needed whilst the dough was proving. Perhaps choosing to make a bread that I hadn’t made before on a time poor day was a tad ambitious! Nevertheless, they turned out really well and have been super tasty for lunches with a dollop of hummus.

Ironically I sold my bread maker yesterday. I hadn’t used it since we moved (2 years ago now) and there’s no need for a bread maker in the Rose residence anymore since the wonder gadget Thermomix kneeds dough.


This recipe is taken from the Basic Cookbook that comes with the Thermomix. Mine’s all crinkled and wrinkled since I left it out in the recent downpour. I was browsing the recipes whilst baby Rose was playing on the slide and completely forgot about it. It’s been in the airing cupboard ever since.

1 tsp dried yeast
270g water
1tsp sugar
1 tsp olive oil
500g bread flour
1 tsp salt


  1. Put the yeast, water and sugar into the mixing bowl and warm 30sec/37°c/speed 2
  2. Add olive oil, bread flour and salt and kneed for 3 min/dough mode
  3. Transfer dough into a bowl, cover with cling film and prove for 1 hour or until doubled in size.
  4. Preheat oven to 250°c and put the baking trays in the oven.
  5. Divide dough into 8 pieces, form each into a ball and allow to rest for 15 minutes. With a rolling pin roll each piece into a flat circle (15cm diameter) and allow to rest for a further 15 minutes.
  6. Place 2-4 of the dough circles on the hot baking tray and bake for approximately 4 minutes (or until golden brown).
  7. Take the hot pittas out of the oven when ready, place on a clean surface and cover with a clean tea-towel. This will help them keep puffed up.


Excuse my poorly shaped circles. I’d like to say I did it on purpose to make them look more rustic and ‘homemade’; in reality it’s because I’m a little bit shit!


Now, I’m no bread expert but I was fairly chuffed with these. To say my only bread making before this had been a white loaf, I’m chuffed. I remember going round to my boss’ house a few summers ago and she had made her own pitta breads and hummus from scratch. In utter amazement I asked her, “Why the bloody hell would you do that when you could just go to co-op?” After having one of these tasty delights (and being a bit more clean eating educated) I now completely understand why!


My pittas even had a pocket!

I think next time I’ll have a go at replacing the white bread flour with wholemeal and perhaps have a go at tweaking the amount of sugar. Nevertheless a successful first attempt and one I’ll repeat again.

Happy healthy baking.

Around the Corner Fitness.


5 Things I’m loving right now

I’ve completely stolen this idea from one of my favourite YouTubers/bloggers – Anna from ‘Vivianna Does Makeup‘. She concentrates on beauty and lifestyle blogging but the principle is the same: discuss 5 things that you are loving right now. Here are mine:

97802241004271. Jo Pavey’s autobiography – ‘This Mum Runs’
I took this on holiday with me this week and I’ve really enjoyed reading it on the evenings and particularly in the build up to the York 10k. Jo’s story is an interesting one: she was the under 15s champion but then bouts of injury stopped her running competitively. A trip round the world inspired her to run again and the book focuses on her journey. I’ve just got to the point where she has had her little girl Emily and as a mum myself I find it particularly inspiring to see how she balances everything. She’s superhuman!



2. The Rio 2016 Olympics
This has only just started but I’ve been addicted. I don’t know what it is about the Olympics – I don’t watch much sport on TV the rest of the time (apart from the obligatory MoTD and any World Cups) but when the Olympics rolls around every four years I somehow think I’m an expert on swimming, gymnastics and all athletics. There’s something so addictive about it. I’m a sucker for an early night yet I’m finding myself giving them up to watch any hope of a Team GB medal. Max Whitlock’s bronze in the all round men’s gymnastics final last night has been a particular highlight so far. I’m looking forward to seeing Usain Bolt next week; hopefully he can get the double gold in his last Olympics.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 13.56.21

3. ‘High Fashion’ Sara da Silva black workout leggings
I LOVE these leggings. There’s nothing more comfortable and they don’t make my legs look like two overstuffed sausages. I ordered two pairs of Sara’s leggings recently and these are definitely my favourites. I’m saving up for some more.




4. My Ivy Park hoodie
This jumper isn’t flattering at all. I also keep seeing twelve-year-old girls wearing it. It doesn’t matter, it’s from Beyonce. Enough said.





5. Basil-LemonadeThermomix lemonade
I’ve been playing with the Thermomix over the last couple of days and my favourite thing by a mile has been the lemonade. The recipe is basically 3 lemons, 80g of sugar and 1kg of water. I’m going to try to reduce the sugar until it’s at eye-twitching point. It tastes like summer in a glass.


From reading everyone’s lovely blogs and magazines such as ‘Women’s Health’ and ‘Women’s Fitness’ I find there’s an every growing list of things that I’m salivating over. I’m glad it’s Christmas soon!


Have a happy healthy week.

Around the Corner Fitness.

The Thermomix Has Arrived!


The Thermomix arrived on Monday; I’m so excited to start playing with it. Having only had it for 2 days, I haven’t done much with it so far but the bits I have done I’ve loved.

When the demonstrator lady came round we made soup, bread rolls, frozen fruit sorbet and a broccoli and cauliflower gratin (that was really grim and I ended up throwing away). Each item took hardly any time at all to make and I was a bit wowed by how easy it seemed to make everything. Since un-packing it on Monday I’ve had another stab at the frozen fruit sorbet (this time with raspberries and lime in a nod to cocktail style ice-cream) and yesterday baby Rose and I made some marshmallow rice-crispie squares in it. I still can’t get my head around how quick everything was and we hardly made any washing up.

I’m going to be experimenting over the coming weeks and if I have any roaring successes I’ll post them on here. I’m looking forward to experimenting (playing with it really does feel like I’m in a science lab).
Happy healthy cooking.

Around the Corner Fitness.

I did it!!


York 10k – boom!

Preparation for the race hadn’t gone well. We’d been on holiday for 4 days before the race, had eaten our body weight in junk food and drank a considerable amount of alcohol on the evenings. Although we’d had a ball, I was slightly worried that it would impact and with training having been interrupted thanks to an operation, I was beginning to get worried that I wouldn’t get round at all.

I’ve done the York 10k before and this was Mr Rose’s fourth year. My previous time (with very little training and being overweight) was 1hr 20mins. I know that it’s ‘shockingly bad’ as one of my colleagues at work likes to remind me from time to time, but for me at that time it was good. This time around I was a lot more fit cadiovascularly and about a stone lighter, so I was fairly confident that I was going to beat my previous time. The target was to complete it in as close to 1hr 10mins as possible.

The race didn’t start well. Because of the traffic we didn’t arrive until 9am and the race was due to start at 9:30am. I was desperate for the toilet, but with the queues being literally miles long it just wasn’t going to happen. At 9:25 we abandoned the toilet queue and I had to cross my legs all the way round! After we’d given up on weeing, I managed to squeeze into the race starting pack, but much further back than I wanted. I ended up being just infant of the walkers and way behind the 1hr 15 mins pace maker. If I stood on my tip-toes I could just about see him. I knew it was bad when the woman next to me was 6 months pregnant and the person in front of me was blind and running with a buddy and a white stick (which by the way is awesome!).

This meant that when we crossed the starting line I found myself in the unusual position of overtaking people. I’m much more used to it being the other way around, but I quite enjoyed it. I flew past a few people until I overtook the 1hr 15 mins pacemaker about 3km in. I was really conscious of not going too fast but my thought process was that I felt really good and if I had to slow down towards the end then I could because I’d already banked some good times.


I felt like I was flying until about 8km where the course started to come back on itself and you could run next to (but in the opposite direction to) the people that were 1km ahead of you. Talk about demoralising! My legs gave up a bit and I lost some time. Passing a rhino and a storm trooper did wonders for my confidence though and as the finishing line came into sight with about 200m to go I gave it a sprint finish. Cue some very VERY ugly-faced puffing and panting official race photographs!

My unofficial time for the York 10k was 1hr 3 mins and 10 seconds. This was the time that RunKeeper gave me. I ended up being pushed to the outside line a few times and the data said I actually ran 10.84km in an official time of 1hr 8 mins. I’m sticking with the fastest time (obviously); it’s what I train to and is accurate.


I’m so so pleased that I managed to complete it that fast. Never in a million years did I think I would run a 10k close to an hour. It’s given me a really strong possibility of running a sub 1hr next year. It just goes to show what you can do it you put your mind to it. At the beginning of the year I could barely run to the end of the road and yesterday I ran a fast 10k no problem. There’s also no doubt that the Treadfast classes have helped with the hills.


I’m seriously investigating the triathlon next. I don’t think travelling to events is really viable with baby Rose, so York based ones are definitely the way forward for me. I need to get something in mind quick to keep me motivated.

Happy healthy running.

Around the Corner Fitness.

Gym Classes



So, as mentioned in my July Update, I became a member of my local gym for over the school holidays. I’m traditionally a tight-wad and so shelling out for a gym membership means that I’m bloody well going to have to get my money’s worth while it lasts! My first tactic was to book onto as many classes as I could for the couple of days before we go away. So far I’ve been to ‘Body Attack’ and ‘Step and Tone’:

‘Body Attack’
Yes, yes it was. I really don’t want to be extremely negative (because I do have a penchant to sway towards the cynical), but this is a class I won’t be going back to. From the camp, bald yet hairy all over lycra-clad instructor to the 500-mile-an-hour pace, I hated every second. It should have been a huge warning sign that there was no-one over a size 8 in the room (including the comedy instructor). On the plus side I did sweat. A LOT. On a serious note, the main issue I had with it was the pace. We were squatting and doing all sorts of manoeuvres that I wasn’t doing properly because we had to go so fast. Maybe I’m just getting old but I can’t get into and out of positions at lightning speed!

On a side note, why do they always have the music so loud in this types of HIIT classes. My current theory is that it’s to focus your attention on the headache you’re developing and away from your aching limbs.

‘Step and Tone’
I could have predicted that this one would be more to my taste. Being mid-morning meant that there were fewer people there and a seeing a real mix of people was much more comforting. I fit right in amongst the 70-year-old grannies and the overweight students. This class was a mixture of step aerobics/step dance routines and some toning exercises with weights. I could have done with a bit more high intensity cardio, but the toning was right up my street; proper beginner style. I’ve already booked again for next week.

The only other class I’m booked in for is Treadfast on Tuesday evening. That class will definitely be a reoccurring one. Pilates is fully booked but there’s a couple of others that I’ve got my eye on. One called ‘Just Jog’ stands out but the description of it as an ‘outdoor jogging club’ doesn’t massively sell it to me. We’ll see.

Whatever happens and whatever terrible classes I sign up to, I will get my money’s worth!

Happy healthy exercising.

Around the Corner Fitness.

Eating Out – The Healthy Guide Part 1

Every day on my Twitter feed and YouTube subscription list I’m bombarded with people going to glamorous healthy locations for breakfast, lunch and out for dinner. A: How have they got the time, energy and money to do that? And B: Why do these people have all the healthy options to choose from? I live in York, which is a reasonably average sized, very pretty tourist city. You would think that there would be an abundance of healthy places to eat in town, but it seems like the business owners of York want everyone to be full of pub food, Italian food and scones with cream and jam. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bowl of pasta and some garlic bread as much as the next person and I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a cream tea either, but York is crying out for healthy places for residents to eat.

Other places shall be investigated, but the one that immediately springs to mind is Filmore and Union. They have a handful of cafés in Yorkshire and one in York train station, but my local one is the one on Petergate in York city centre. I’ve been in for lunch a couple of times and always go for the ‘Smashed Avocado on Toast’ (yes, I know I’m a cliché but it’s delicious!) but I had never been for dinner before. Things co-incided when my friend Katy (from pizza fame on the Deliciously Ella post) texted me. The conversation went like this:

Katy: Hey how are you? We should catch up soon, it’s been too long! xx
Me: Hey. I’m good thanks. Fancy going out for tea one night maybe next week or the week after? I really want to go to Filmore and Union for tea but haven’t found a good excuse yet xx

The poor girl didn’t get a choice; I just launched it on her!

Because the restaurant part is only upstairs we booked a table. We didn’t need to – there were a few spare but I’m glad we did; I don’t think I could have handled the disappointment. We decided not to have starters but Katy ordered a large glass of wine despite complaining (with reason) about the price. When I asked her at the end of our meal if the wine was worth the money her reply was, “No glass of wine is worth that much”. Granted, she’s not a wine connoisseur, but she does drink the most wine out of everyone I know. I had a ‘Slim Down’ juice which was advertised as pineapple, apple, lemon, strawberry and orange juice. It was yum.

For main Katy had the aforementioned avocado on toast and I had a skinny beef burger which came with a raw veg noodle salad, spinach, cashew hummus and served with baked avocado and coconut wedges. It also came with a tzatziki dip:

IMG_0721 (2)

It was absolutely delicious and even though there wasn’t an abundance of food I was absolutely full after eating it. Of course that didn’t stop me ordering a pudding!

I also really like how, on their menu, they give indications as to what foods are appropriate for each diet. I know my gluten free friends would find it incredibly helpful.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 21.07.49

It was a really lovely evening, both in terms of the food and the company and I’ll definitely go back again. We were half way out the door before I went back in to get a loyalty card after spotting a poster near the door. It’s the perfect excuse to go back and I’ll definitely use it.

Atmosphere: 8/10
Food: 10/10
Price: 7/10

The only major bugbear I have with the place is it’s tiny! I have absolutely no chance of getting in there with a pushchair. Hurry up and grow Baby Rose!
Happy healthy eating out.

Around the Corner Fitness.