Eating Out – The Healthy Guide Part 1

Every day on my Twitter feed and YouTube subscription list I’m bombarded with people going to glamorous healthy locations for breakfast, lunch and out for dinner. A: How have they got the time, energy and money to do that? And B: Why do these people have all the healthy options to choose from? I live in York, which is a reasonably average sized, very pretty tourist city. You would think that there would be an abundance of healthy places to eat in town, but it seems like the business owners of York want everyone to be full of pub food, Italian food and scones with cream and jam. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bowl of pasta and some garlic bread as much as the next person and I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a cream tea either, but York is crying out for healthy places for residents to eat.

Other places shall be investigated, but the one that immediately springs to mind is Filmore and Union. They have a handful of cafés in Yorkshire and one in York train station, but my local one is the one on Petergate in York city centre. I’ve been in for lunch a couple of times and always go for the ‘Smashed Avocado on Toast’ (yes, I know I’m a cliché but it’s delicious!) but I had never been for dinner before. Things co-incided when my friend Katy (from pizza fame on the Deliciously Ella post) texted me. The conversation went like this:

Katy: Hey how are you? We should catch up soon, it’s been too long! xx
Me: Hey. I’m good thanks. Fancy going out for tea one night maybe next week or the week after? I really want to go to Filmore and Union for tea but haven’t found a good excuse yet xx

The poor girl didn’t get a choice; I just launched it on her!

Because the restaurant part is only upstairs we booked a table. We didn’t need to – there were a few spare but I’m glad we did; I don’t think I could have handled the disappointment. We decided not to have starters but Katy ordered a large glass of wine despite complaining (with reason) about the price. When I asked her at the end of our meal if the wine was worth the money her reply was, “No glass of wine is worth that much”. Granted, she’s not a wine connoisseur, but she does drink the most wine out of everyone I know. I had a ‘Slim Down’ juice which was advertised as pineapple, apple, lemon, strawberry and orange juice. It was yum.

For main Katy had the aforementioned avocado on toast and I had a skinny beef burger which came with a raw veg noodle salad, spinach, cashew hummus and served with baked avocado and coconut wedges. It also came with a tzatziki dip:

IMG_0721 (2)

It was absolutely delicious and even though there wasn’t an abundance of food I was absolutely full after eating it. Of course that didn’t stop me ordering a pudding!

I also really like how, on their menu, they give indications as to what foods are appropriate for each diet. I know my gluten free friends would find it incredibly helpful.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 21.07.49

It was a really lovely evening, both in terms of the food and the company and I’ll definitely go back again. We were half way out the door before I went back in to get a loyalty card after spotting a poster near the door. It’s the perfect excuse to go back and I’ll definitely use it.

Atmosphere: 8/10
Food: 10/10
Price: 7/10

The only major bugbear I have with the place is it’s tiny! I have absolutely no chance of getting in there with a pushchair. Hurry up and grow Baby Rose!
Happy healthy eating out.

Around the Corner Fitness.



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