Gym Classes



So, as mentioned in my July Update, I became a member of my local gym for over the school holidays. I’m traditionally a tight-wad and so shelling out for a gym membership means that I’m bloody well going to have to get my money’s worth while it lasts! My first tactic was to book onto as many classes as I could for the couple of days before we go away. So far I’ve been to ‘Body Attack’ and ‘Step and Tone’:

‘Body Attack’
Yes, yes it was. I really don’t want to be extremely negative (because I do have a penchant to sway towards the cynical), but this is a class I won’t be going back to. From the camp, bald yet hairy all over lycra-clad instructor to the 500-mile-an-hour pace, I hated every second. It should have been a huge warning sign that there was no-one over a size 8 in the room (including the comedy instructor). On the plus side I did sweat. A LOT. On a serious note, the main issue I had with it was the pace. We were squatting and doing all sorts of manoeuvres that I wasn’t doing properly because we had to go so fast. Maybe I’m just getting old but I can’t get into and out of positions at lightning speed!

On a side note, why do they always have the music so loud in this types of HIIT classes. My current theory is that it’s to focus your attention on the headache you’re developing and away from your aching limbs.

‘Step and Tone’
I could have predicted that this one would be more to my taste. Being mid-morning meant that there were fewer people there and a seeing a real mix of people was much more comforting. I fit right in amongst the 70-year-old grannies and the overweight students. This class was a mixture of step aerobics/step dance routines and some toning exercises with weights. I could have done with a bit more high intensity cardio, but the toning was right up my street; proper beginner style. I’ve already booked again for next week.

The only other class I’m booked in for is Treadfast on Tuesday evening. That class will definitely be a reoccurring one. Pilates is fully booked but there’s a couple of others that I’ve got my eye on. One called ‘Just Jog’ stands out but the description of it as an ‘outdoor jogging club’ doesn’t massively sell it to me. We’ll see.

Whatever happens and whatever terrible classes I sign up to, I will get my money’s worth!

Happy healthy exercising.

Around the Corner Fitness.


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