I did it!!


York 10k – boom!

Preparation for the race hadn’t gone well. We’d been on holiday for 4 days before the race, had eaten our body weight in junk food and drank a considerable amount of alcohol on the evenings. Although we’d had a ball, I was slightly worried that it would impact and with training having been interrupted thanks to an operation, I was beginning to get worried that I wouldn’t get round at all.

I’ve done the York 10k before and this was Mr Rose’s fourth year. My previous time (with very little training and being overweight) was 1hr 20mins. I know that it’s ‘shockingly bad’ as one of my colleagues at work likes to remind me from time to time, but for me at that time it was good. This time around I was a lot more fit cadiovascularly and about a stone lighter, so I was fairly confident that I was going to beat my previous time. The target was to complete it in as close to 1hr 10mins as possible.

The race didn’t start well. Because of the traffic we didn’t arrive until 9am and the race was due to start at 9:30am. I was desperate for the toilet, but with the queues being literally miles long it just wasn’t going to happen. At 9:25 we abandoned the toilet queue and I had to cross my legs all the way round! After we’d given up on weeing, I managed to squeeze into the race starting pack, but much further back than I wanted. I ended up being just infant of the walkers and way behind the 1hr 15 mins pace maker. If I stood on my tip-toes I could just about see him. I knew it was bad when the woman next to me was 6 months pregnant and the person in front of me was blind and running with a buddy and a white stick (which by the way is awesome!).

This meant that when we crossed the starting line I found myself in the unusual position of overtaking people. I’m much more used to it being the other way around, but I quite enjoyed it. I flew past a few people until I overtook the 1hr 15 mins pacemaker about 3km in. I was really conscious of not going too fast but my thought process was that I felt really good and if I had to slow down towards the end then I could because I’d already banked some good times.


I felt like I was flying until about 8km where the course started to come back on itself and you could run next to (but in the opposite direction to) the people that were 1km ahead of you. Talk about demoralising! My legs gave up a bit and I lost some time. Passing a rhino and a storm trooper did wonders for my confidence though and as the finishing line came into sight with about 200m to go I gave it a sprint finish. Cue some very VERY ugly-faced puffing and panting official race photographs!

My unofficial time for the York 10k was 1hr 3 mins and 10 seconds. This was the time that RunKeeper gave me. I ended up being pushed to the outside line a few times and the data said I actually ran 10.84km in an official time of 1hr 8 mins. I’m sticking with the fastest time (obviously); it’s what I train to and is accurate.


I’m so so pleased that I managed to complete it that fast. Never in a million years did I think I would run a 10k close to an hour. It’s given me a really strong possibility of running a sub 1hr next year. It just goes to show what you can do it you put your mind to it. At the beginning of the year I could barely run to the end of the road and yesterday I ran a fast 10k no problem. There’s also no doubt that the Treadfast classes have helped with the hills.


I’m seriously investigating the triathlon next. I don’t think travelling to events is really viable with baby Rose, so York based ones are definitely the way forward for me. I need to get something in mind quick to keep me motivated.

Happy healthy running.

Around the Corner Fitness.


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