I had a disaster!

So I thought I could adapt one of my favourite recipes for the Thermomix. I thought I could manage to do this by myself, just sort of making it up as I went along. I could not. By the end of the evening our dinner looked like someone had vomited it back up and I was sent out to go get us fish & chips – a double disaster because it knocked the diet out of whack and cost me £12. When did fish & chips become so expensive?!


In a bit of an ‘oh I haven’t used the Thermomix much and I’ve paid so much money for it’ panic, I decided to have a go at the one pot spicy pasta dish but adapt the instructions so it would be suitable. It started off well; it managed to cook the onions and the chicken.


The problem came when I had to add all the other ingredients in, particularly the pasta. I put the blades on the reverse setting but it still seemed to mush everything together.  We ended up with chicken soup rather than a solid dinner!


It smelt really nice at least; our entire house smelt of roast dinner (I still have no idea why). Don’t get my wrong, I enjoyed the fish & chips very much, but it was a little frustrating.

I think the baking side of the Thermomix is a lot easier than the cooking side. Back to the drawing (and Pinterest) boards to gather some, more suitable, ideas.

Happy healthy cooking.

Around the Corner Fitness.


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