Motivation Pt.2



As we were going to bed the other night Mr Rose said to me, “Why did you want to lose weight?”. To me this was a bit of a daft question. I was fat; I didn’t want to be fat anymore.

Mr Rose then probed deeper, “But why didn’t you want to be fat?” Again, this was a bit of a daft question to me. I wanted to feel less self-conscious in my clothes, I wanted to feel comfortable with people taking photographs of me and not like I wanted to run away (or be the one taking the photo as I so often was before) and I didn’t want to be the biggest one in my friendship group. Also, clothes in high-street shops are designed for skinny-minnies. That was the point when I realised that all of my answers were appearance related. Am I that shallow?

Mr Rose wasn’t impressed with this. These things aren’t as important to him. I wonder whether losing weight for appearance related reasons is mostly a female thing (or whether that’s horrendously sexist).

I’m not totally shallow. Yes I wanted to lose weight to look better, but I also wanted to lose weight to feel better too. I have more energy when I’m consuming less sugar and I love the buzz I get post-run. This was more appealing to Mr Rose, who is going to track energy as a way of motivating himself to eat well.

Thinking about my reasons for wanting to lose weight has also given me a bit of a kick up the backside as well. Just keep swimming…
Happy healthy thinking.

Around the Corner Fitness.


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