My initial fitness goal is up tomorrow; I will have squeezed myself into a dress for my brother’s wedding, no spanx required. Admittedly there was a choice of two dresses and I went for the slightly more forgiving and less slutty one, but even still – mission accomplished. The photos are still coming in, but when I find a more suitable one I’ll put one in.

Now thoughts turn to what is next. I’ve done the York 10k this year and have been consistently going to Treadfast classes, which incidentally I now completely LOVE (I’m going to really struggle to give up my gym membership in September). Surprisingly my favourite part of the PT course so far has been the nutrition side of things so I think something along this line is going to be my next goal along with the triathlon that I’m interested in.

Seeing as writing things down seems to be the best way to make me actually do things, here’s the list:

  • Start swimming consistently at least once a week. I’ve already made head-road into this insofar as I’ve bought a pair of goggles. I’ve had one ‘proper’ swim since my big purchase and alternated 2 lengths of breaststroke with 2 lengths of freestyle (or front-crawl as my mum calls it). I got to about 21 lengths and then I lost count. One of my next swimming purchases will be a length counter. I’m also finding I’m getting a big bored. I think I’m going to add an underwater MP3 player to my Christmas list.
  • Run twice a week. I’ve managed to go consistently once a week in the summer and I know that that isn’t enough to keep where I want to be. Now that my running buddy is back from her exotic travels I’m sure it’ll be easier.
  • Track my eating again. It’s been too easy to let it go in the summer without having a strict timescale to stick to. We’ve also been on holiday and baby Rose and I have consumed our body weight in ice-cream on the hot days. I’m trying to not beat myself up about this, but just focus on the next step. Seeing as I’ve enjoyed the nutrition side of the PT course I’m going to track what I’m eating and start tracking macros. I’ve not done this before so it’ll be an adventure into the unknown.
  • Try a wider variety of recipes. I’ve got stuck in the same 8 or so again. I need to have a flick through the recipe books to add in some extra ones.

I don’t want to split my attention between too many things, so that might have to do for now. Nevertheless, these four are achievable. We’ll see where we are with them in a month or two.


Happy healthy thinking.

Around the Corner Fitness.


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