The Four Things Needed for a Healthy Week

This week I’m not only in charge of motivating myself, but I’m also in charge of motivating one of my clients who is struggling to get started with her weight loss. When I spoke to her this afternoon about how her weekend was going health wise, her response was ‘Getting more and more pissed off with myself but can’t seem to stop it’. I know how she feels. I ate a whole bag of marshmallows this morning (although they were very good  fuel for a run). In a bit to motivate her, and to keep up my motivation I’m recommending four things to aid mental and physical wellness this week:


unnamedOne – MyFitnessPal/Any Kind of Food Diary
Being aware of what you’re eating makes a big difference. Having to log down that you’ve eaten that extra chocolate bar makes you think twice about eating it. I know I’m guilty of eating things without really realising and it can bump up your calorie count for the day quite dramatically. I love MyFitnessPal for the sheer laziness of it and linking together with friends and clients is a great way to offer each other extra praise and motivation too.


Two – Cooking From Scratchimg_1097
I tend to do this most evenings and it makes a real difference to how I feel. I know exactly what is going into my food and exactly how healthy (or unhealthy) it is. I know it takes a little more time than just shoving something in a packet in the oven, but it makes such a difference to how healthy you feel. Plus you get a certain sense of smugness. Trying different recipes and keeping things varied is also key. There’s nothing like getting stuck in a food rut that makes you wander over to the takeaway menus!


Three – Drink Water (and a lot of it)
This is something I struggle with all the time. In a bid to make myself drink more water I decided to drink nothing but water through the whole of September. It was an epic fail. I actually ended up drinking less each day because I couldn’t face another glass of water when all I really wanted was a cuppa. I’ve recently discovered the Hydrate M8 bottles and it’s been a bit of a game changer for me. I now have targets to drink to and I find myself going back for a slurp to fulfil my goal. Drinking 2 litres a day will also have a really positive effect on your skin and general get-up-and-go.


Four – Get Out and AboutMizuno-Wave-Inspire-12-Royal-PurpleSilverDiva-Pink-Womens-Running-Shoes
I was feeling a bit rubbish today after my marshmallow binge, but a quick 5k with a friend and a good natter soon sorted me right out. Doing any bit of exercise, no matter how small, will make you feel better. You might not enjoy it while you’re doing it (in which case you’re more than likely doing the wrong thing) but you’ll love the endorphin fuelled high you’ll get afterwards. If you feel better and more positive in yourself you’re much more likely to stick to eating healthily. And if you don’t, well then you’ve gained some extra calories to spend!
I’m going to give these four things an extra boost this week as well. After all, a house is only as strong as its foundations.
Have a happy, healthy week.

Around the Corner Fitness.


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