Jam Packed!



I don’t think there’s much more I can pack in and feel sane at the moment!

With the winter term well underway, marking from school is cranking up. On top of that there’s the out of school teaching work that I do and then on top of that there’s PTing and of course the husband and the baby need to be squeezed in somewhere. I’m finding it hard to say no to the teaching money that’s right here right now and I can physically see in my back pocket. If I stop taking those hours on to concentrate on growing Around the Corner Fitness there’s no immediate money in my purse, but it might be a short term pain for a long term game. It’s a gamble and I’m not quite sure where to put my cards (or if I have any cards in the first place).

There’s a couple of small things I’ve been doing to keep it ticking over and it is steadily growing. I’ve reached out to a couple of brands here and there so we’ll see what that leads to; hopefully more popcorn! Coming up on the blog soon will be some lovely new recipes inspired by a celebrity(ish) and a review of some new fitness things I’ve been trying out.

In the short term my own fitness has to become a priority. Running needs to be upped, MyFitnessPal needs to be dusted off and a new programme needs to be started. Here we go again…

Have a happy healthy week

Around the Corner Fitness


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