Podcast Update – an accidental find



So last Saturday I decided to go for a run. It was about 4pm and I left baby Rose with Mr Rose and got everything ready to go. I thought I’d go for a 5k max, just a little pootle around the block ready for running club on Monday. I laced my shoes, put the earphones in and off I went.

Then I got distracted by the most amazing podcast.

Over the Christmas holidays I’d been mentioning to Mr Rose that I’d love to have some new podcasts to listen to when out running. I’ve been loving ‘The Running Commentary’ but wanted something new as well. He mentioned Overcast to me (which I’d never heard of before, being a non-teckie). I had a browse around and listened to a few that were recommended but I was getting more and more bored of chit chat nothing and comedy that wasn’t funny. Then I found ‘Tough Girl Podcast’.

On the aforementioned run I was listening to the episode with Amelia Boone, a top attorney who competes as a pretty much full time obstacle course racer. She was totally inspirational. And I got distracted. Instead of the pootley 5k I’d planned to do, I ended up running 9.5k and pretty much doing a lap into the city and back again. I was totally engrossed in her story and her tips for combining her athletics with her regular life. She seems to have achieved so much with her 33 years and I found myself feeling a little despondent at the comparatively little I’ve achieved with mine! Her brilliance rubbed off though and I was chuffed I’d managed to complete a longer run with very little training and just Amelia’s words in my ears. If listening to this podcast can make me accidentally run double what I intend to run all the time I’ll be very happy.

I thoroughly recommend you go and have a look at the podcast. I’m currently working my way through the back catalogue and there’s so many motivational and inspirational people to hear from. Next on my list is the one with Alison North, an ultra runner with children.

Have a happy and healthy week.

Around the Corner Fitness.


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