Meet Kate



I’m Kate a, still relatively young, part time personal trainer from York. I created Around the Corner Fitness in the summer of 2016 after hitting my own health and fitness goals and wanting to inspire others to do the same.

I’ve never been the sportiest of people. Back in my youth I used to be a sprightly (never sporty) slim girl. I never really cared much about what I was eating and did so much dancing and was so active it didn’t matter anyway. Then I went to university. And I got big. I don’t just mean I put on a little bit of weight; I got BIG! I was having whole tubs of ice-cream for pudding after dinners of chicken kievs and piles and piles of pasta. A whole box of Frosties for breakfast wasn’t uncommon. At home there’d always been someone policing what I was eating, but at university I was in charge! I didn’t know how to cook and I didn’t really understand what food was for. It tasted nice so I just shoved it in my mouth.

After university I had a bit of a difficult relationship with food and my weight has fluctuated significantly. I had a spell at Weight Watchers years ago and lost close to 3 stone, but it wasn’t maintainable. It got to the stage where I was eating an apple for breakfast, a dry salad for lunch and something minimal for dinner. I remember my mindset being: ‘if I can get down to goal weight by the summer I’ll treat myself with a Waitrose picnic’. Chronically unhealthy. After that I did teacher training and the binge eating that came with the stress of that caused those 3 stone to leap back on. It’s been up and down since then: I lost a stone after a miscarriage and gained some back after falling pregnant with my little boy.

A few years ago I was a podgy first time mum carrying the obligatory couple of stone of pregnancy weight. However, since then I’ve got a much healthier relationship with food and fitness. I’ve sorted myself out and I feel I can pass on what I’ve learnt to others. I qualified as a Personal Trainer and nutritionist in the summer of 2016.

My specialities include:

  • Working with people who are yet to find the confidence to exercise
  • Beginning to run
  • Light weight exercises


My qualifications include:

  • Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training and Nutrition from Core Fitness Education (Including: Anatomy and Physiology and Principles of Nutrition)
  • Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing from Core Fitness Education (Including: Circuit Training)
  • Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills
  • PGCE Teaching Qualification